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Digital Hearing Aids Technology


Digital on the other hand generates, stores, and processes data in terms of two states: positive and non-positive. Positive is expressed or represented by the number 1 and non-positive by the number 0. Thus, data transmitted or stored with digital technology is expressed as a string of 0's and 1's. Each of these state digits is referred to as a bit.

Digital Processing

A digital hearing aid is a hearing aid device that receives sound and digitizes it (breaks sound waves up into very small, discrete units) prior to amplification.

A digital hearing aid uses a microphone, but a microprocessor performs most of the device's functions digitally. Because the signal is represented as a series of numbers, it can be quickly and accurately altered.

Variations Of Digital Hearing Aids

  • 1. Non Programmable or Trimmer digital hearing aid - which can not be programmed through computer. All standard setting done at the time of manufacturing.
  • 2. Programmable digital hearing aid - programmed through computer- has number of features hence buying options differs-
  • Basic programmable hearing aid at low cost with minimum number of channel (2-4 channels) . Here hearing amplification and noise filtration option is minimal.

    Standard programmable hearing aid at average cost with 6 to 16 channles digital processing. Here hearing amplification and noise filtration option is better than fewer channel.

    Advance programmable hearing aid at high price with 24 channles and above digital processing. Here hearing amplification and noise filtration option is above than Standard programmable hearing aid.

Features Of Digital Programmable Hearing Aids

Programmable digital hearing aid - has several features considering today's life style of human being- hence buying options differs-

Number of Channels of Hearing Aid.

Number of Micropones and Receivers in Hearing Aid

Water, Dust, Moisture and Shock Resistance marked using IP standard.

Wireless or Non Wireless - for connecting hearing aid using Bluetooth, Phone etc

Models like BTE, CIC, IIC, CROS, BICROS etc


  • # Convert sound to digital signals.
  • # Programmable and Non Programmable both types are available.
  • # A digital hearing aid can be programmed to adjust itself to the current environment millions of times each second.
  • # Can distinguish between noise and speech. Can suppress background noise so a person can hear speech better.
  • # The most sophisticated digital hearing aids have built in intelligence that allows them to discern between soft, but desirable sounds, and louder, but unwanted noise.


  • # Only disadvantage for non programmable non IP standard hearing aid is prone to damage to water, moist, dust etc!

Working Principle (Parallel Processing)

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