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Behind The Ear ( B.T.E.) Digital Hearing Aids

Siemens Signia hearing aid styles and models

Behind The Ear i.e. BTE hearing aids are most popular hearing aid in the market. It is available in wide range of hearing loss coverate from Mild hearing loss to Profound hearing loss.

Analog and digital both technology BTE hearing aids are available in the market. All popular Hearing aid brands like Signia, Phonak, Resound, Starkey, Oticon, Danavox, Widex etc have BTE models in the product portfolio.

Prices of BTE hearing aids starts from Rs. 6000/- onwords to Rs. 6 lakhs. Rechargeable with bluetooth connectivity are the latest version of BTE hearing aid models. Branded company introducted its water resistence and shock proof version.

All the electronic parts in the hearing aids are in the housing that sits behind your ear. A customised earmold and a tube direct sound into your ear. You can easily control volume and select programmes on most BTE's.

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