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Starkey Genesis AI Custom(Smallest Hearing Aid)

Publish Date : 2023-10-10 08:37:21









Starkey is a U.S.-based manufacturer with a full line of hearing aids that includes behind the ear and in-the-ear styles. They make the list for their elite status in custom molded (nearly invisible products). If you can afford to pay medical-grade prices and want an invisible style, you won’t be disappointed by Starkey.

Starkey is known for intelligent features like fitness tracking, a virtual assistant, and the smallest Bluetooth hearing aid on the market. 

  • Overall Notes: Starkey Genesis AI is broadly considered the best for custom mold hearing aids. If you want a custom mold, and lead an active lifestyle, this product is a great choice.
  • Price: The national average price for Starkey Evolv Custom hearing aids is $6,443 per pair. Our research indicates that you can get Starkey Custom devices for as low as $3,198 for a pair. Click here for more on prices. 
  • Features: Full range of styles and features including Bluetooth, rechargeability, and fitness tracking for larger devices.
  • What audiologists say: “Starkey has been making the smallest and best custom hearing aids for decades. Genesis AI is currently the smallest custom device on the market with Bluetooth streaming capabilities.” - Ramsay Poindexter, AuD


Smallest models are almost entirely invisible

Starkey is a leader in comfortable custom molded products

Larger sizes come with Bluetooth streaming and rechargeable batteries


This is a premium device which costs upto Rs. 55000/- ()per unit onwards

Custom molds require additional lead time and replacement time

The smallest version of Starkey Genesis AI customs are not Bluetooth enabled or rechargeable

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