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ReSound OMNIA 960 miniRIE - DRWC - rechargeable

Publish Date : 2023-11-27 07:22:46

ReSound OMNIA 960 miniRIE - DRWC - rechargeable

Discover the ReSound OMNIA 960 miniRIE - the smallest RIC hearing aid by ReSound. With its elegant and refined design, this device sets itself apart from other OMNIA receiver-in-the-ear (RIC) hearing aids. Experience ultimate wearing comfort thanks to the perfect fit, requiring only one contact point with the ear. Additionally, the advanced new antenna provides a streaming connection that is twice as stable as its predecessor, the ReSound ONE. Explore the advanced technologies of the ReSound OMNIA 960, which are comparable to other devices in the ReSound OMNIA series. Choose quality and comfort in one hearing aid! The ReSound OMNIA 960 miniRIE hearing aid is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.

About the ReSound brand

Since 1943, ReSound has strived for better solutions that help people rediscover hearing. These solutions lead to richer, more active and fulfilling lives. Over the years, a large number of ReSound hearing aids have been launched. We can fit and mail ReSound devices based on an audiogram.

What makes the ReSound OMNIA 960 hearing aid special?

In addition to revolutionary speech intelligibility, the ReSound OMNIA 960 hearing aid offers other advantages. For example, the hearing aid has Bluetooth and the ReSound OMNIA 960 hearing aids can be connected to Apple and Android devices. With the introduction of the ReSound OMIA hearing aids, there will also be new features in the ReSound Smart 3D App. The latest feature is "Check My Fit". With this feature, the app will show if you are wearing your ReSound OMNIA hearing aid correctly.

Why the ReSound OMNIA RIE 960 hearing aids?

  • The smallest RIC hearing aid by ReSound
  • 150% improvement in speech comprehension
  • Natural perception of one's own voice
  • Complete mapping of the sound environment through the 360-around option
  • Fully weatherproof (IP68 certified)
  • Check My Fit for optimal wearing and use of hearing aids
  • Rechargeable hearing aids
  • Full connectivity, instant streaming and hands-free*.
  • Battery life: 30 hours without streaming or 20 hours with streaming

Sounds natural

The ReSound OMNIA 960 earing aids make it possible to hear through noise with clear sound and with the natural perception of your own voice. The hearing aids feature 360-degree speech understanding, faster switching between different programmes with automatic environment adjustment and optimal conversation in any situation.

Feels natural

ReSound OMNIA 960 hearing aids adapt to your needs and listening situations. The customised design ensures optimal wearing comfort. A new feature is the Check My Fit function in the accompanying Resound Smart 3D-app The app helps to wear and use the ReSound OMNIA hearing aids optimally. In addition, the ReSound OMNIA 960 miniRIE hearing aids are completely weatherproof! A shower - forget the hearing aids in the shower one day? - That's no problem!

Connects naturally

The ReSound OMNIA 960 hearing aids have Bluetooth and are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. You can stream audio from your phone, tablet or TV directly to your hearing aids. Thanks to this direct streaming capability, your hearing aids will be your wireless headset in no time.

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Has the ReSound OMNIA 960 miniRIE hearing aid peeked your interest and would you like to try out this rechargeable hearing aid? Then order the ReSound OMNIA 960 hearing aid directly online or contact us! If you are still not sure which hearing aids is right for you, you can take our online hearing test. You can do this free hearing test from the comfort of your computer. This means you don't have to leave the house and can do it at your leisure and convenience.

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