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Overview of "invisible" hearing aid styles

Publish Date : 2023-11-30 02:12:18


There are four common types of in-the-ear hearing aids that you will find online or at an audiologist.

Invisible In The Canal (IIC) - This tiny style sits inside your ear canal with only a pull tab visible to remove the device.

Completely In Canal (CIC) - The top of the hearing aid is visible to those looking from the side, but the device is very discreet.

In The Canal (ITC) - Comfortable but visible. More easily accessed to change the volume or mode.

ITE: This style is even more accessible and allows for more power and, in some cases, rechargeability and Bluetooth.

Most people who prefer invisible hearing aids will gravitate towards IIC or CIC styles.

Pros and cons of invisible (IIC) hearing aids


Invisible hearing aids come with some obvious benefits but they aren't for everyone. Here are a few pros and cons to consider:

Invisible hearing aid pros:


  1. Hard to Notice - Here's the obvious one. Invisible hearing aids are...well invisible. Most styles are unnoticeable unless someone looks in your ear.
  2. Masks and Glasses - Invisible hearing aids sit inside the ear and don't interfere with masks and glasses.
  3. Convenience - Lyric (listed #2 below) stays in your ear 24 hours a day and doesn't require battery changes or charging.

Invisible hearing aid cons: 


  1. Limited Functionality - The smallest designs come with limited Bluetooth and charging functionality.
  2. Dexterity Challenges - Smaller devices can be frustrating for those with limited dexterity.
  3. Fewer products to choose from - There are fewer invisible hearing aid products to choose from, and typically they come at a slightly higher cost


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