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Knowledge about our most important body part

Publish Date : 2023-11-23 01:51:44


1.        What is ear?

         Ans- the organ that enable hearing.

2.      Name the smallest bone of the ear?

        Ans- stapes

3.       How many bones in the ear?


4.     What is the shape of ear?

         Ans- it almost look like ‘C’

5.       What are the three main part of ear? 

        Ans-external ear, Middle ear, Inner ear.

6.      Where is eardrum located? 

         Ans-eardrum located very end of ear canal it separates outer ear from middle ear.

7.       Which ear receive sound faster? 

         Ans- right ear, sound reaches part of the brain that process it in 20miliseconds

8.      Part of external ear? 

         Ans- it consists of-auricle, external auditory canal, tympanic membrane.

9.     Part of middle ear? 

         Ans- ossicles, oval window, Eustachian tube, 2 muscles, round window

10.    Part of Inner Ear? 

          Ans- Semicircular canal, vestibule, cochlea

11.     Which part of the ear has no role to play in hearing but is very important?

(a) Ear ossicles,(b) Organ of Corti, (c) Eustachian tube, (d) Vestibular apparatus

12.    The border between the middle and inner ear is formed by

(a)   incus, (b) oval window, (c) pinnae, d) tympanic membrane

13.    The Organ of Corti is present in

(a) scalavestibule, (b) scala tympani, (c) scala media, (d) none of the above

14.    The membranous labyrinth contains

(a) Cystolymph, (b) Otolymph, (c) Perilymph, (d) Endolymph

15.    Another word for the eardrum?

A auricle B pinna C external auditory canal D tympanic membrane E all of the above

16.    The three organs of the inner ear include?

A malleus, incus, and stapes B auricle, pinna and eardrum C vestibule, semicircular canals and cochlea D none of the above

17.    The organs in the inner ear involved with balance are ?

: A vestibule and semicircular canals B vestibule and cochlea C semicircular canals and cochlea D cochlea and organ of corti.

18.    Sound vibrations from the eardrum go through the ____   _____ into the inner ear.

Aoval window B tympanic membrane C eustacian tube D external auditory canal.

19.    The actual hearing receptors in the inner ear are called the:

Aorgan of cortiB malleus C stapes D incus

20.   The structures in the inner ear invloved with hearing are the:

A vestibule and semicircular canals B vestibule and cochlea C semicircular canals and cochlea D cochlea and organ of corti

21.    The tube that runs from the middle ear to the throat is called the:

A external auditory canal B tympanic cavity C eustacian tube D all of the above



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