In general Hearing loss in general can be categorized by 

- Permanent hearing loss - can't be cured.

- Temporary hearing loss - can be cured through proper medical treatment.

Medical diagnosis Hearing Loss can be categorized -

- Conductive Hearing Loss - Problem in External and Middle Ear

- Sensory Neural Hearing Loss - Problem in Inner Ear

- Mixed Hearing Loss - Problem in all three - External, Middle and Inner Ear.

Causes of hearing loss are  

- Genetic problem.

- Ageing 

- Exposure to Noise

- Ear infections are the common cause

- Birth complications

- Traumatic injury to ear

- Due to medicines and toxins.

In normal course any persons having hearing loss can identify hearing loss by

- Problems in general communications when talking each other.

- Listening TV, Radio et in loud volume.

- Others people are commenting - have you hearing problem?

- Long time suffering from ear diseases.

- Can't hear whispering sound etc.

Clinically hearing loss is measured through -

- Audiometer Device in a Acoustically controlled room.

where audiologist measure hearing thresholds and frame a curve known as Audiogram for each ear indicating ability to hearing.

By drawing audiogram curve audiologist caterorized hearing loss in decible unit - Mild Hearing Loss, Moderate Hearing Loss, Moderately Severe Hearing Loss, Severe Hearing Loss, Profound Hearing Loss.

Hearing loss or hearing impairment is inability to hear totally or partially. We define complete deaf as no hearing ability. Whereas a person with partial hearing problem can hear with hearing aid. 

A person suffering from hearing loss only in one ear is known as unilateral hearing loss. A person having inability to hearing in both ears is known a binaural hearing loss. 

Patient having hearing loss can feel loneliness, communication problem, social problems. Children suffering from hearing loss can affect the ability to learn spoken language.

Temporary hearing loss may be cured through medical guidance whereas permanent hearing loss can't be cured.

Hearing aid to be prescribed for those suffering from permanent partial hearing problem. Completer deaf person have no result with hearing aid.

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