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Hearing Loss

FAQs related to the field of Speech & Hearing:

- 1. What is Audiology?The field which is related to hearing (sound), known as Audiology

- 2. Who are the Audiologists? Audiologist is the Registered (in our Country, Rehabilitation Council of India /RCI) Hearing Professionals (Expert)

- 3. What are the Professional degrees of Audiologist? Generally Bachelor, Master & PHD

- 4. What is the actual job of Audiologist?Diagnose of various Audio-Vestibular Disorders (by clinical testing) & Rehabilitate them (when Medical Science is bound)

- 5. What are the branches of Audiology?Diagnostic, Medical, Educational, Pediatric, Rehabilitative, Industrial, Recreational & Animal Audiology

- 6. Where the Audiologist work?Private clinic, Govt. & Private Hospital or Nursing Home set up, NGOs, & in complete Medical set up

- 7. What are Rehabilitation/ the field of rehabilitation?Where Medical Treatment/Management ends, the Rehabilitation starts

- 8. Is Rehabilitation life-long process?Most of the cases it is life-long

- 9. Who can put sign in Audio-Vestibular & Electrophysiological Reports?Only a registered Audiologist can do it

-10. What is Pure Tone Audiometry?The process, by which we can estimate Frequency specific Hearing Threshold, is known as Audiometry

- 11. What are the basic tests available in Audiology?Audiometry (PTA), Tympanometry, SISI, TDT, ABLB, Speech Audiometry (SRT, SDS), BERA, ASSR etc

- 12. What is Vertigo/Dizziness?It is spinning sensation or disequilibrium

- 13. What to do in sudden onset of Ear related problem?Immediately consult with an Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT Doctor) /Audiologist.

- 14. Who can recommend & prescribe about the candidacy of Hearing Aids?Only a registered Audiologist can do it

- 15. What is the role of Audiologist in rehabilitation?They select (recommend), Programme and fitting of Hearing Aid(s) & do NRT, switched on, Mapping for Implantable Device(s) & helps in management of different kinds of hearing impaired cases

- 16. Who are the Voice & Speech Language Pathologist/ Therapist?A registered Paramedical professional as like Audiologist

- 17. Who can clean Wax from ear?In India only an ENT doctor, but in most of the foreign countries a registered Audiologist

- 18. When will we generally need Hearing Aid (s)?Any kind of Hearing & Speech Perception difficulty

- 19. What will you do if you unable to hear TV, Music, Radio, communication of family members etc.?Immediately contact with an Audiologist or an ENT Doctor

- 20. What to do if you have problem during office meeting or group conversation? You must need a hearing check up

- 21. Who can select a perfect & scientific hearing aid(s) to you? Only a registered Audiologist

- 22. Can continuous exposure of headphone affect hearing? Yes

- 23. Is Cervical/Lumber Lesion (Spondylosis) responsible for Vertigo? Vertigo may possible from cervical/lumber origin

- 24. What are the common causes of Vertigo?Generally Peripheral (Ear related) Pathology. It can also be possible from Cervical, Ocular (Eye related), Fluctuating BP, Central Origin (Anatomical as well as Physiological), Traumatic & Idiopathic in nature

- 25. Who can clean Wax from ear?In India only an ENT doctor, but in most of the foreign countries a registered Audiologist

- 26. What can I do if vertigo persists?Consult with an ENT Doctor or any Physician

- 27. Can acidity cause Vertigo?Not at all.

- 28. If anybody have sudden onset of poor hearing acuity followed by Vertigo & tinnitus, then what to do?Visit to an Otorhinolaryngologist or any nearest hospital ENT OPD on emergency basis

- 29. Can Mustered, Coconut or any other oil helps to clean wax? No. In spite that, it helps in ear infection, itching etc

- 30. Is it scientific use ear drop without Medical Advice?Never

- 31. What can we do in excessive ear itching or pain?Definitely contact an ENT doctor

- 32. How can we protect our ear(s)?Avoid any form of headphone / Smartphone / wireless technologies/excessive sound, Ototoxic medication(s), cold, nose stuffing etc & always keep the ear(s) dry

- 33. Can free app online hearing test is reliable?Never, you always need diagnostic hearing evaluation

- 34. What is the advantage of Binaural Hearing Aid(s)?It will help to hear from 3600 which will more accurate for a patient

- 35. Is Hearing Aid(s) necessary for Single Sided Deafness (SSD)?Localization is a huge issue in SSD. So, CROS (& its variation) [recent technology is BAHA] is mandatory

- 36. What is Cochlear Implant?It’s an implantable hearing aid(s) [depends upon some candidacy] for those who don’t have any benefit from conventional hearing aid(s)

- 37. What are the various implantable hearing aid(s)?Cochlear Implant, BAHA, Auditory Brainstem Implant, Middle Ear Implant etc

- 38. If anybody don’t interested to use hearing aid(s) in presence of Hearing loss then what happen?Speech perception ability is detoriates day by day & features of Dementia increasing (as per recent research)

- 39. If I have Normal Hearing but still have difficulty then what to do?At first, you must need to do complete assessment protocol for Central Auditory Processing & related Pathways followed by an Audiologist & if required consult a Physician later

- 40. Who can select various Audio-Vestibular tests for a patient?Generally by Medical Professional, but Audiologist can also do this, if patient come to Audiologist first

- 41. Are any precautions mandatory for Audio-Vestibular testing?Yes, definitely. It will confirm by the concern Audiologist /related Professionals before taking an appointment for testing

- 42. Are hearing tests unsafe?Not a single hearing test is unsafe

- 43. Are Vestibular testing safe?All the vestibular tests are generally safe except some very initial complicacy

- 44. Is Speech-Language Therapy mandatory after fitting hearing aid(s)?In children (upto 12 years) with congenital Hearing Loss it is mandatory & scientifically effective

- 45. What is the validity of different Audio-Vestibular tests?Generally 3-6 months (depends on Pathological Conditions)

- 46. Is Hearing Loss Curable?Most of the cases it is manageable by rehabilitation (especially Inner Ear & Combined Inner-Middle/Outer Ear pathology), but generally not completely (100 %) curable

- 47. Is scuba diving recommended for operated ear patient/ repeated middle ear infections?Never. It can cause any kind of Traumatic Injury again


Mr. Santo Dutta (Consultant Senior Audiologist & Mentor)

Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist

In general Hearing loss in general can be categorized by

- Permanent hearing loss - can't be cured.

- Temporary hearing loss - can be cured through proper medical treatment.

Medical diagnosis Hearing Loss can be categorized -

- Conductive Hearing Loss - Problem in External and Middle Ear

- Sensory Neural Hearing Loss - Problem in Inner Ear

- Mixed Hearing Loss - Problem in all three - External, Middle and Inner Ear.

Causes of hearing loss are

- Genetic problem.

- Ageing

- Exposure to Noise

- Ear infections are the common cause

- Birth complications

- Traumatic injury to ear

- Due to medicines and toxins.

- Excessive use of Headphones and Mobiles

In normal course any persons having hearing loss can identify hearing loss by

- Problems in general communications when talking each other.

- Listening TV, Radio etc in loud volume.

- Others people are commenting - have you hearing problem?

- Long time suffering from ear diseases.

- Can't hear whispering sound etc.

Clinically hearing loss is measured through -

- Audiometer Device in a Acoustically controlled room.

where audiologist measure hearing thresholds and frame a curve known as Audiogram for each ear indicating ability to hearing.

By drawing audiogram curve audiologist caterorized hearing loss in decible unit - Mild Hearing Loss, Moderate Hearing Loss, Moderately Severe Hearing Loss, Severe Hearing Loss, Profound Hearing Loss.

Hearing loss or hearing impairment is inability to hear totally or partially. We define complete deaf as no hearing ability. Whereas a person with partial hearing problem can hear with hearing aid. 

A person suffering from hearing loss only in one ear is known as unilateral hearing loss. A person having inability to hearing in both ears is known a binaural hearing loss. 

Patient having hearing loss can feel loneliness, communication problem, social problems. Children suffering from hearing loss can affect the ability to learn spoken language.

Temporary hearing loss may be cured through medical guidance whereas permanent hearing loss can't be cured.

Hearing aid to be prescribed for those suffering from permanent partial hearing problem. Completer deaf person have no result with hearing aid.

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