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Buy original hearing aid(s) from authorised hearing aid dealer and feel confident. We deal with latest technology digital hearing aids of all reputed brands.

We are leading hearing hearing aid dealer in Kolkata West Bengal India. We deal latest quality digital hearing aids of all brands like Siemens hearing aid, Resound hearing aid, Widex hearing aid, Oticon hearing aid, Bernafon hearing aid, Sonic hearing aid, Alps hearing aid, Starkey hearing aids, Arphi hearing aids and other foreign and Indian hearing aid brands. We have number of units to sell hearing aids in Kolkata and in several districts in West Bengal.

We have no of qualified Audiologists and other related hearing aid professionals. We are one of oldest hearing aid center in Kolkata West Bengal. We dispense standard quality digital hearing aids of all models like small tiny invisible hearing aids, behind the ear hearing aids, completely in canal hearing aids, body worn hearing aids, receiver in canal hearing aids, tinnitus masker type hearing aids, wireless hearing aids, telephone supporting hearing aids, clear sound generating and speech understandable heraring aids.

Siemens IIC Hearing Aid

We offer a full range of hearing tests, hearing aids, assistive listening devices and audiology services in Kolkata - INDIA. Let us show you how to reclaim your ability to join the conversation today all in a warm, caring environment.

Siemens CIC Hearing Aid

Once hearing aids have been selected after an evaluation, your hearing professional will program them, to meet your hearing needs. The hearing professional will explain how to use the devices, etc.

Siemens RIC Hearing Aid

At Shrobonee Hearing Aid, a custom earmold is one made from a personal impression of the ear canal and concha area so it is unique to that individual's ear. Custom earmolds are likely what most people are familiar with.

Siemens BTE Hearing Aid

At Shrobonee Hearing Aid, we repair all makes and models of hearing aids. We provide a fast, efficient and cost effective repairs service to private customers and hearing aid dispensers in all West Bengal - INDIA.

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